Bart - Instructor

Personal Info
Name: Bart Gaska
Age: 29
Riding years: 8 Years

Kite: 08 Cabrinha XBow 9M
Board: 06 FLX 132,
Harness: 09 Cabrinha Impact Waist
Wetsuit: Mystic Steamer and a Green pair of Fox Shorts

Favorite Trick
F-16, and riding my Hydrofoil

El Barto Loco

Yeah this guy here came from all over. Born in Poland when 13 came to the US. Lived in Chicago till I was 18. Joined the Army. Lived in Hawaii for 3 Years. joined the Coast Guard. Lived in Long Beach Washington for a year. (that's where I picked up Kiteboarding). Went to Virginia for school. Came to LA, and been here since. Started Kitboarding about 5 years ago. Started off on a 2 line Naish R3. If you remember that one, you are really old school. Learned on a Mountain Board first, in the Pacific Northwest. Never flown a kite in my life, and I set this one up trailing edge down in 15 mph winds. Hooked in and lounched about 20 ft in the air. After that I went got a video, watched it 5 times and tried it again. Got up on the board a couple of times but nothing spectacular. The mountain board was awesome there. Flat beaches, hard packed send for miles. When I came to LA that's when I started riding seriously on the water.