Beginner Lessons


Before you plunk down money for kitesurf lessons, give it a try.  Come down to our beach location and fly a two meter, two line kite.  No experience necessary.  All ages welcome.


SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS Two students/One instructor


Most beginners start with our package deal that includes:

  • Land Lesson – 3 hours
  • Water Lesson – 3 hours
  • 1.3 Meter Trainer Kite
  • Kitesurfari’s Trainer Kite Video
  • Full length Instructional DVD

LAND LESSON – 3 Hours, $180    

Kite control is the fundamental skill for kiteboarders. Our first lesson is on land, learning basic kite skills. We start students on a trainer kite and then move to the larger kite. The main goals for the day are to teach rigging, launching, landing, and flying techniques, along with local weather patterns, kiter safety and rider responsibility.

WATER LESSON – 3 Hours, $180

Time for the water! The second lesson is a combination of the kite skills with the water. We teach students how to relaunch the kite when it falls in the water, how to retrieve the board when it falls off their feet, basic riding and self rescue. Although many students will not be quite up and riding after six hours, the goal is to give students all the skills they need in order to be able to practice safely on their own afterward.


Whether you prefer to go at your own pace from the very beginning or have completed the Intro package and just need a couple more hours to boost your confidence, private lessons offer instruction tailored to your skill set. Kitesurfari’s instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, all kiteboarding equipment, and radio helmets.


NOTE:  Lessons can be taken up to one year from time of purchase.  If lessons are purchased and not used, a store credit can be issued that is valid for an additional six months.  No refunds.